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Ever-Source offers its services and expertise to assist your company with engineering support services as well as other client’s professional services such as:

  • Technical assistance during your new client’s engagements
  • Clients project management
  • Software integration and Software customization
  • Training
  • New products releases and sessional Upgrades assistance
  • Proactive maintenance and periodical health checks
  • Quality assurance


We can provide experts and engineers as per need for most of the software technologies and various platforms related to WEB, cloud, servers, storage, networking and more. We cover both software application, hardware and multidisciplinary products&services in most of the technological industries and verticals.


Ever-Source is an Israeli B2B service-oriented company founded by two Hi-Tech veterans. Dorin Goldfeder Israeli based and Irinlel Burloiu Romania based.

Ever-Source HQ is in Tel Aviv while the operation centers are located in two sites in Romania(Iasi and Bucharest).


Ever-Source employs SW engineers who are versatile, service oriented, creative, autonomous and well trained to work in front and for international clients.

Ever-Source main and only focus is to assist your company to deliver elevated technical services to your client base and release your inhouse resources to stay focused on their organic tasks (development, marketing, sales, etc..).

Contact us to understand our unique and cost-effective pricing model which will cut service costs but at the same time will deliver an end to end comprehensive unprecedented  customer support experience!


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