24/7 Customer Support. Your SLA is our business! | Ever Source Israel
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Focus on your core values

By outsourcing your non-core activities you can gain more flexibility to manage your core business functions. Become more efficient and effective in the deliveries of your services or products. Improve efficiency and lower your costs. EverSource’s flexible solutions allow you to consolidate and optimize your operations and elevate your support experiences as well. 

Cut Costs 

Ever Source unique pricing model allows to select the most attractive service hour packet which best suits your requirements at any moment. You will pay for the actual support time only.

Utilizing our engineers, processes and technology we gather analysis from every client interaction to expose gaps in coverage and continuously improve processes and implement savings.

By diagnosing and resolving your customers’ technology and software issues the first time, every time costs are kept down, and customer loyalty increases.

Cut Cost


Our flexible engagement mode utilizes our resources in such way that allows you to scale up or down with support demands according to your work load. In this way you can easily absorb your client base fluctuation support demand.

We recruit and hire qualified engineers so you can rest assured that knowledgeable specialists will be assisting your customers with technical support issues immediately as they arise.

Need more Support? 

We also provide: 

  • Technical assistance during your new client’s engagements
  • Clients project management
  • Software integration and Software customization
  • Training
  • Upgrade assistance
  • Proactive maintenance and periodical health checks
  • Quality assurance
Customer Support


High QoS

We strive to go beyond KPIs

With our qualified engineers we guarantee high QoS at all times, support tools, methodologies and best practices

global support

Support 365x24x7

For any region on the globe,  either on regular business hours, evenings, nights, weekends or holidays, we are available to provide support

Tech Support

Extended Expertise

We cover both software application, hardware and multidisciplinary products&services in most of the technological industries and verticals. Our technological capabalities span across software technologies, WEB related platforms, cloud, servers, storage and networking

Customer Service

Proactive support team

Our team thrive on support, we hire and train versatile, service oriented, creative and autonomous support engineers who will look also beyond the root cause of an incident